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A favorable outcome through this constructive treatment based upon utilizing the characteristic linguistic powers of the pathological liar, is witnessed to by Stemmermann in her story of Delbruck's G. N. In the history of this case a delightful note of comedy is struck. G. N. was found to be a man of considerable literary ability. He had been observed over the period of 13 years. After he was first studied he twice managed to go 3 years without succumbing to his falsifying tendencies, and then found his chance for leading a blameless life by becoming a newspaper man. In fact, he reached an honored place as an editor. Stemmermann suggests, naively, that perhaps this calling is especially calculated to give the talents correlated with pseudologia phantastica space for free play, so that the individual's special abilities may not come in conflict with the law, or with social customs, and, on the other hand, may be utilized in fruitful pursuits.

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All together, one would certainly advise every effort being made towards specifically stabilizing the pathological liar in the matter of truth-telling--by checking the springs of misconduct, and by diverting energies and talents into their most suitable channels. The problem must ever be one for individual therapy. Failures of treatment there may be, but from our study we are much inclined to believe that well-calculated, constructive efforts will achieve goodly success among those who are mentally normal.

in every eye, yet I felt assured that the yellow visitor

Hall, G. Stanley Healy, William Healy, William, and Fernald, Grace M. Henneberg Hinrichsen

in every eye, yet I felt assured that the yellow visitor

Spaulding, Edith R., and Healy, Willlam Stemmermann, Anna

Aberrational cases not definitively insane Accessory to murder, false self-accusation of Accusations, pathological, Bresler's classification of Adolescence Adolf von X., case of Age of onset of pathological lying Amanda R. Annie F. Apperception, lack of, in certain cases Attitude, strong, of pathological liars, see POISE ``Aussage,'' psychology of ``Aussage'' Test, see TESTIMONY TEST

Bessie M. Betterment, conditions of in special cases Betterment, possibilities of Beula D Birdie M.

Chorea, psychosis of Choreic psychosis Constitutional excitement Constitutional inferior, The Constitutional inferiority

Day dreaming in special cases Delinquency, lying considered relatively a minor Delinquency, relation of, to lying "Der grune Heinrich'' Developmental conditions Diagnosis of pathological lying Drug habitues, lying of


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